Scott Russell Sanders, “Looking at Women” – first post DUE 10/14 midnight – second post due before class

Suggestion: Identify any assumptions that are made about men and women in this essay. How might Sanders respond to the second assumption discussed in the chapter’s introduction – chemistry equals love? Support your response with  quotes from Sanders essay.Same as last time  you will not comment and post – you will do both at once and you must post twice –  You will respond in your own way – your job is to enter the conversation. Make points about the texts – and discuss the points your peers are making. You are required to engage with the ideas that your peers have posted – let the discussion move naturally each post must be around 150 words…


18 thoughts on “Scott Russell Sanders, “Looking at Women” – first post DUE 10/14 midnight – second post due before class

  1. Manuel Duvnjak says:

    Sanders will agree with the assumption that chemistry equal love as his writing give an example of how women need not make spectacles of themselves in order to draw attention to them. Then he tells us what he sees as attracted to him less paint and fewer bangles the better. Which I see as he telling the reader we are attracted to different things about each other that we love about the person. One assumption he made is women being turn into a work of art. And how women connection to themselves and how there expected to look pretty for boys to love them.

  2. In the reading Looking at Women, Scott Sanders talks about physical beauty of women and how it affects us men. He shows that is very important for girls to be nearly nude for us to notice them which is a cultural assumption. Even as an 11 year old child he got aroused by a girl older than him that revealed her body in a way no child should. He couldn’t explain why she had such an impact on him at the time. Later on in college he was intrigued by photographs of naked woman, more specific beautiful models whose beauty was unreachable by everyday girls. He blames his DNA for the reason that we desire for woman, especially in a sexual way. This cultural assumption describes us males as dogs who only look for physical attraction.

    • chad N says:

      It is kinda true though everything he says. It’s like we don’t like girls when were little kids and theres that point in life when one day you start to look at girls differently like Sanders did in “looking at Women” when he was 11. To me a beautiful girl is like a piece of art. It’s a thing a beauty. I also think that if a women is old enough and comfortable with her body she should be able to wear what she wants as long as shes in the right setting. You shouldn’t wear a mini skirt and heels to pick up your kid from school or to church. I think it is in our DNA for one of the reasons we desire women. Lets face it most men are dogs lmao!

  3. cbasantes says:

    In the reading “Looking at a woman” There are some cultural assumptions made about both men and women. Sanders goes on to say how women are like pieces of art, he says that women are like canvas displayed for the pleasure of a male viewer. Also how us men look at women, and women watch themselves being looked at. I believe in this reading what he is trying to say is most men look at women as figures of sex. Instead we should be looking deeper into their personality and what type of person they are.

    Christopher Basantes

    • dbromley says:

      i agree i think that vice versa people should want to look deeper into their personality and what type of a person they are, regardless of the sexual attraction. Everyone is there own person and they should be expressing there thoughts and personality by word. REgardless of what there wearing

    • It is sad and pathetic how men just look at a girl and say thing like “wow shes fine” or “I would love to get in her pants”, it shows that we don’t really care about personality only looks and it gives all men a bad image. on the other hand a woman will look at a guy and say “he looks like a nice guy” or “I would love to meet them”. Although there are some exceptions, the majority of women want to actually know the person they are sleeping unlike men that don’t really care. Men shouldn’t just go aroound sleeping with random women because it is fun at first but that won’t make you happy in the future unlike finding a woman to actually care about.

  4. Roberta Erse says:

    In the reading ” Looking at a woman”, Scott Sanders talks about woman and men as his point of view. He talks about how woman physical beauty can affect men. He also mention how important is it for a woman to nearly naked for men to notice them. Moreover, he compares a woman as a work art. In my opinion, what Sanders is trying to say is that most of men look at woman as a figure of sex, like Christopher said. If a woman is nearly naked is way easier for men to picture them as their “sex toy”. I believe most of woman like to dress up all nice to look prettier than other woman, because if we want to look good for men we could just walk around naked. Most of men don’t care about what we are made of inside, or what kind of personality we have, especially at first sight. All they care about is how small is your dress and how nice your body curves are.

    • Manuel Duvnjak says:

      Yes I agree Sanders was saying most men look at women as a figurer of sex. But I think men also count into personality and interest which they add in all together and arrive at answer of they like or do not like person.Women to me focus to much on looks to impress men then there personality and being themselves.

      • juliana says:

        Yea women tend to try and impress people with their looks but i think if us girls stopped that and tried to be ourselves we could probably end that cycle. It is a goood thing to try and look nice but we need to do it for ourselves not for other people because their is an assumption that women have to have a perfect body or else society will think od them as abnormal. But society accepts all these assumptions about women which does not have any logic.

  5. Juliana Galeano says:

    In “Looking at women” Sanders is trying to tell us, men define how women are perceived by society. Women are always portrayed as a sex figure in basically everything like movies, magazines, TV etc… implying women are not good enough to be seen as anything else but a sex figure. Not only that but they have to be physically perfect like the women in playboy’s magazine where their bodies don’t have a single scar, bruise, or imperfection which puts pressure on other woman who do not look like that. Sanders want us to become aware of a woman’s feelings because even thou grabbing a guy’s attention is good it can also make you feel worthless. Like the women in the article said “most of the time I enjoy guys staring at me”, “but every once in a while it makes me feel like a piece of meat”. Guys talk about woman like farmers do assessing cows which is degrading women but it doesn’t matter because it’s “okay” to degrade women as if they did not have dignity or the right to have some respect. Sanders is pretty much saying society accepts men defining women and portraying them only good enough to be a sex figure, not giving women a real value. Plus men only look at a women’s beauty never looking beyond her beauty which is way more important than a women’s physical appearance.

    • cbasantes says:

      Yes, I agree with that statement that women are portrayed as sex figures in everything movies, magazines and t.v.. In our society today women are expected to look perfect when they should just go out and be theirselves not some doll. Focus more on there personality then their looks.

      • chad N says:

        I agree with that statement as well that women are protrayed as sex figures. everywhere we look is about sex. Clothing ads, tv, movies, and all over the radio that all songs are about these days sex. In our society it seems like looks are everything. Especially first impressions have a lot to do with looks. We need to stop focusing on looks so much and more on whats inside. I do believe however that the older we get looks matter less then when were younger.

  6. feministcupcake says:

    People – I want you to look at the conversation that my other comp class had about this article:

    Why is this class doing what they are supposed to do and y’all have 5 post when there should be at least 26??

    • Rebecca J says:

      I agree with chad. Women are usually portrayed as sex symbols in the media. Sex sells though and the point of business is to make a profit. Instead of saying that the media objectifies women, which is true, we should ask ourselves why sex is such a profitable industry. If the consumer wasn’t so affected by sex then there would be no reason to have a huge billboard with a half naked woman on it.

  7. dbromley says:

    In the reading ” Looking at Women” , Sanders make it clear that men look at women as a sexual object before anything else. In the reading he talk about he said he relized at the age of 11, he said ” Even as a bashful 11 year old i knew the word sex, of course and i could paste the name across my image of the tantalizing girl. I feel like he has a ponit on the reading but their are millions of women that like to dress up or a certain way for themself. Most women are not trying to sell themself out as a sex figure. We need to get to know someone as a person and who they truly are

  8. VIct0R Weinberg says:

    In “Looking at Woman” it seems that the assumption that men have this “cavemen” instinct to just look at a woman like how “an animal” would, or looking at woman like a “sex doll” with no regards to how they feel is being widely mentioned in the story. He also note’s how when he went to college he saw “a bevy of them naked in photographs, hung in a gallery around the bed of my freshmen roommate at college”. this reminded him of a “meat locker back in Newton Falls, Ohio”. he also mentions that the swains would come and admire and gawk and make remarks towards the pictures, this can attribute to the idea in the article that men look at women like a “sex doll”. The author-Scott Sanders seems to be pulling in a lot of quotes from scientists on how the male desire which could lead to the idea of men thinking of a women as as a “sex doll” is derived from our DNA. As if a “plasmid has invaded our DNA, has twisted are nature”-Allen Wheelis(who blames male appetite on biology). with these examples being put in the author seems to give the idea that he possibly does not believe in love (or at least not as widely as someone else) but rather think that most men could be driven by a biological standard from within.

  9. Cat says:

    ‘Looking at Women’ gave many views, a very interesting read. I would say a glimpse into a mans mind. Some views were of Sanders own experience others from a scientific view. His own eyes were opened at the age of eleven and I think for most guys it does happen at a young age. We can be honest and say men gawk. They lust and the sexual feelings comes before any type of solid respect you may gain from actually talking to a woman. Some women put it out there more than others and from that alone you see them as sexual objects. From societies stand point, the women is passive and ready and willing to do as you wish. Nothing more nothing less. I would hope as men get older they see this is as a lie and will make a point to teach their children the same. Sanders mentions having a bevy of posters from playboys and seeing them for what they truly were, airbrushed beauties. I like that he knew and understood that the perfections of these portrayls were nothing more than perfected portrayls. You should look deeper and maybe you’ll find something worth while.

    • Rebecca J says:

      I agree with Cat. Most men notice women at a young age. That is why parents need to teach their sons not just about sex,or abstinence, but about how to treat a girl. It’s like Prof. Averill keeps saying, along with teaching girls tips on safety, we should also tell young men that it’s not okay to rape a woman no matter how “ready” you may think she is. Also, I think you have to lead by example. It’s less likely that a boy will treat women as sexual objects if he sees his father treat his mother like a queen.

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